Areas of Expertise

Specialists in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration

Colin Gordon Associates is recognized nationally and internationally for its work in the design of low-vibration and low-noise environments for technological buildings. CGA serves the a wide variety of organizations in the tech sector, including the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries, the biotech, pharma and medical communities, and the cutting-edge areas associated with nanotechnology. CGA provides to these sectors a selection of services ranging from sophisticated vibration and noise control to solution of more mundane problems that may arise.

The control of vibration in buildings poses some unique problems ranging from the selection of design criteria to the development of design details and specifications for structural and mechanical systems. The firm also works extensively in the more conventional areas of building and environmental noise and vibration studies. On many projects, the company serves as a member of the architect/engineer design team. On others, the company acts individually and directly with the president.

Structural Dynamics

All structures vibrate, but those vibrations become of concern when their amplitude becomes excessive. Structural dynamics addresses those issues pertaining to the structure itself that may lead to unwanted vibration. The key parameters include stiffness, resonance frequencies and damping, all of which may be under the control of a designer.

Noise and Vibration Measurement

Accurate and sophisticated measurements are an essential component of the services offered by Colin Gordon Associates. The firm uses portable, battery-operated systems for collecting both sound and vibration data in operating facilities and buildings on "greenfield" sites and in residential neighborhoods. Our vibration monitoring systems, customized to the needs of vibration-critical facilities, can track and archive conditions over periods of weeks, months and years and provide warnings when preset limits are exceeded.

Facilities for Vibration Sensitive Equipment

Instruments and tools that are intensely sensitive to vibration have been developed in recent years. Often, because of space and operational considerations, this equipment must be located above grade on column-supported floors that are much less dynamically stable than floors supported on grade. Often, these tools are required to operate in cleanrooms that require substantial sources of mechanical power (fans, chillers, pumps, etc.). Vibration and noise are by-products of this power.

Consulting and Design Services

From measurement to strategies, from assessment to implementation...