Forensics Laboratories Noise and Vibration Control

Today’s crime laboratories are high-technology facilities in line with the core consulting work of Colin Gordon Associates. While modern criminalists still study fingerprints, they also analyze DNA, retrieve trace evidence, study the chemical signatures of narcotics, and even retrieve data from hard drives (a field known as Digital Forensics). All of these studies can involve high-powered bench-top microscopes, scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and other noise and vibration-sensitive equipment

Many crime labs also have indoor firing ranges for the study of ballistics. These facilities have their own special challenges such as the needs for safety, evidence security, and access. Noise control is critical to allow these ranges to operate safely and efficiently without disrupting the other important forensics work within the building.

Colin Gordon Associates has experience in all aspects of noise and vibration control for forensics labs, including the diagnoses and solution of problems in existing laboratory spaces.

Consulting and Design Services:

  • Vibration and noise site studies
  • SEM vibration site studies
  • Interpretation of instrument noise and vibration criteria
  • Selection of noise and vibration criteria
  • Input on space planning and layout
  • Input on structural designs to control vibration
  • Consulting on acoustical design of firing ranges
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