Product Noise and Vibration Control

Products that generate noise and vibration include, but are not limited to, ventilation and package air conditioning systems, domestic appliances, landscape maintenance equipment, office and computer equipment, medical and healthcare systems, hand-held tools, and manufacturing equipment. Product noise and vibration can be important parameters in product selection and consumer acceptability.

In the interest of quality, performance, code compliance and cost, Colin Gordon Associates provides assistance during the development of prototypes that can be subjected to performance, noise and vibration tests before production. If our assistance is requested early in the design process, we can develop a more thorough and cost-effective acoustical solution. During the early development stages of an air-handling unit, for example, Colin Gordon Associates can work with the manufacturer to select a quieter fan, integrate sound attenuators into the fan cabinet, and select materials that will reduce radiated noise from the cabinet and ductwork. If a noise limit is specified, we can offer sound-attenuation options that achieve performance goals while avoiding costly over-design.

Colin Gordon Associates has experience in solving noise and vibration problems with existing systems. Problem solving normally includes diagnostic measurements to identify the sources, mechanisms and paths involved. We can then work with the manufacturer to select methods of control that may be applied inside or outside the product.

Consulting and Design Services:

  • Selection of noise and vibration goals
  • Diagnostic measurements
  • Theoretical and computer-based analyses
  • Development of control options
  • Problem solving

Product Types:

  • Ventilation systems (fans, blowers)
  • Package air conditioning systems
  • Hand-held tools
  • Domestic appliances
  • Office equipment and computers
  • Medical and healthcare equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Landscape maintenance equipment
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